Frequently asked questions

What’s the maximum number of students I can bring?

Tours and workshops have a capacity of 32 students. The minimum ratio of adults to pupils depends on students’ age:

  • Age 5-7: 1 adult to 7 pupils
  • Age 7-18: 1 adult to 15 pupils

You can book up to 108 visitors in each academic term.

If you’re bringing more than 36 people, we’ll split your group across multiple timeslots.

What's the minimum number per group?

The minimum group size is 12 people, including adults.

What ages do you cater for at the Education Centre?

Tours and workshops are available to young people aged 5-18.

We can’t offer places to groups older than 18, but you’re welcome to join us for an audio guided tour.

What happens if we're late?

Please telephone our bookings line as soon as possible on 020 7219 4496 and let us know when you expect to arrive.

The visit will still finish at the published time, and we may not be able to include all elements of the visit.

Can we eat our lunch in UK Parliament?

From Autumn Term 2022 there is likely to be lunch space available for 30 minutes after the end of your workshop. This only applies if you are doing a tour and workshop programme. 

The Education Centre is also next to Victoria Tower Gardens, which is ideal for a picnic. 

Is parking available?

There are drop off points alongside UK Parliament, near Victoria Tower Gardens. We’re unable to provide parking spaces for security reasons.

Details of available coach parking in central London can be found on the Transport for London website.

Is UK Parliament accessible to wheelchair users?

Yes, but they take an alternative tour route at some points. Please let us know if there are wheelchair users or people with mobility needs in your group before your visit.

There are toilet facilities for wheelchair users in all buildings and along the visitor route.

Can we take photographs?

There are two places on the tour route where you can take photos. Your guide will point these out.

Photos are also allowed in your workshop group, but please talk to your workshop leader beforehand.

Can we buy gifts and souvenirs during our visit?

If your group is taking part in a tour and a workshop, you won’t be able to visit the UK Parliament gift shop.

You’ll receive details in your booking confirmation of how to pre-order gifts and souvenirs. These will be given to the lead teacher for each group at the end of your visit.

Please note that the shop requires at least five working days’ notice to process your order.

Is there provision for groups with special educational needs?

Yes. We welcome pupils with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

To discuss any adjustments your group needs, please call the UK Parliament Education Service on 020 7219 4496.

Do we need to contact our MP in advance?

We always invite your local MP to a Q&A as part of Tour and Workshop sessions. For groups on the Story of Parliament tour, we’ll give your MP the opportunity to meet you after the tour, if possible.

Please note that if your visit is booked for a Friday or during recess, it’s unlikely your MP will be able to meet your group.

Travel subsidy

Our travel subsidy scheme helps education groups visiting UK Parliament from outside London and the South East with their travel costs. If your group is eligible you can receive between 50 and 75 per cent of your travel costs back (subject to maximum claim caps).

To be eligible, your group must be:

Booked to visit either though our Education and Engagement Service or for an Inside UK Parliament Free Guided Tour booked through the UK Parliament Tours Team.

From a state-funded or other eligible institution. See appendix A of our terms and conditions for more information.

Visiting from a constituency within band B or C of the travel subsidy bands. Check our list of constituencies to find our which band your school is in.

The level of subsidy in each band is as follows:

  • Band A: Not eligible
  • Band B: 50% of receipted travel costs, up to a maximum claim of £1,000
  • Band C: 75% of receipted travel costs, up to a maximum claim of £2,000

If you’re not sure which constituency your school or group is based in, use our Find Your MP service.

Read the full terms and conditions.

Posted resources queries

Please contact our distributor if you have a query about a placed learning resources order. Please quote your order number when emailing/phoning.

Call us on 0203 150 3696 or email

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Want to know more about the services we offer?

If you need help to book a visit to Parliament or to arrange a visit from one of our outreach officers, please get in touch.

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