Our travel subsidy scheme helps education groups visiting UK Parliament from outside London and the South East with their travel costs. If your group is eligible you can receive a percentage of your travel costs back (subject to maximum claim caps).  

To be eligible, your group must be: 

Booked to visit either though our Education and Engagement Service or for an Inside UK Parliament Free Guided Tour booked through the UK Parliament Tours Team. 

From a state-funded or other eligible institution. See  our full travel subsidy terms and conditions below for more information. 

Visiting from a constituency within Band B or C of the travel subsidy bands. Check our list of constituencies to find our which band your school is in. 

If you’re not sure which constituency your school or group is based in, use our Find Your MP service. 

Travel Subsidy Changes 

At the General Election, there will be a change to UK constituency boundaries. This means some schools will be redistributed to different constituencies, which may affect their travel subsidy band. If you make your booking before the General Election, you will be entitled to the same travel subsidy allowance that you were entitled to at the time you applied. This will only apply for the term the booking has been made for, and normal travel subsidy eligibility criteria (found in our Terms and Conditions) apply.  

Learn more about why UK constituency boundaries will change.   

Travel Subsidy Terms and Conditions

For visits from 1 April 2024 onwards: Read the full terms and conditions.