Learn Live with the Lord Speaker

This session will provide an engaging introduction to the role and membership of the House of Lords Chamber.

Baroness Ruth Hunt will guide students through the chamber, explaining how members get their role, and the key part they play in the work of UK Parliament. Students will then have an exciting opportunity to have their questions answered by Lord McFall, the Lord Speaker, from the House of Lords Chamber.

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How does the event work?

Learn Live is a fun, interactive approach to engage pupils with the work of the UK Parliament. Each session lasts around 30 minutes and is streamed on YouTube.

Learn Live with the Lord Speaker will be streamed at 2pm on Tuesday 19th October. You will receive the link to the session by 12pm on the day, and the session will be available for catch up after the event.

You will have the chance to submit questions for the Lord Speaker on behalf of your students in the sign-up form. The questions that are selected will be put to the Lord Speaker during the event, and your school will get a shout out!

All you need to take part is a screen connected to speakers, and access to YouTube with reliable internet connection.

Who can take part?

Learn with the Lord Speaker is open to all UK based schools, colleges and home education groups, and is suitable for ages 7-18.

It is up to you how many classes or year groups join in.

What's in it for my students?

By having their questions answered by the Lord Speaker, your young people will build an understanding of the vital role of the House of Lords in the UK Parliament. This unique and memorable learning experience will help you reach your curriculum aims.