Register your interest for the next SEND Quiet Day.

The quiet day provides a flexible environment for students with SEND to visit the UK Parliament where they will take part in an interactive tour around the Palace of Westminster and engaging activities in the Education Centre.

The young people will take part in a tour designed specifically for students with SEND, using sensory backpacks, objects will be introduced on the tour to allow students to discover the building through their senses. Students will have the opportunity to create a law and follow its progress, creating an understanding of the work of Parliament and how they can get involved.

At the Education Centre we have a variety of activities students can participate in. Students can learn who works in Parliament, what they do, how laws are made, how they can get involved in their Parliament and much more through games, roleplay and sensory activities. We try to make the day as flexible as possible and adapt to the students pace, working with you to pitch the sessions appropriately to meet your students’ needs to ensure a memorable and enjoyable day.