An incredible space at the heart of democracy

Visiting the UK Parliament Education Centre, your group will enjoy a unique learning experience and get to see history being made first-hand with a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Our fun, interactive sessions are directly integrated with the UK’s four curriculums, tailored to the age and attainment of your group.

You can find all the details for our workshops and tour only programme below.

Read our guide to help you plan your visit for group sizes and Covid-19 safety precautions. 

Tour and workshop (2hr 15min)

Representation and voting

Ages 7-16

How do we elect our MPs? The process of electing MPs in a UK general election is explored in this interactive session as the group will stand for election. Representing imagined constituencies, you will join fictional political parties, and create your own manifestos before presenting them to the group to vote on. You will gain an understanding of how the UK general elections work and how MPs gain their seats by recreating the electoral process.

Ages 16-18

You will learn about different voting principles used in the UK, including First Past the Post, Proportional Representation and the Additional Member System. You will have the opportunity to design their own party manifestos in the process and hold a mock General Election on a fictional island. A consideration of the merits and pitfalls of each electoral system will be considered as students reach a conclusion as to which electoral system they prefer.

Laws and debating

Ages 7-18

How does UK Parliament turn an idea into a law? Let everyone experience the law-making process. This highly interactive workshop takes your group through the journey of a bill, encouraging diverse points of view in an active debate through role play. Focusing on a topic, the group will take the bill through the House of Commons and The House of Lords. You will gain an understanding of the democratic process of law making and enhance their debating skills and feel empowered to influence, shape decisions that affect their lives to be active citizens in our thriving democracy.

Campaigning and Parliament

Ages 7-11

The workshop explores 3 levels of government (local, devolved and national). Your group will understand the different governments’ responsibilities. They will explore campaigns and campaign methods and how they can get involved in your democracy.

Tour programme (1hr 30min)

Story of Parliament

Ages 7-18

Your visit begins in the Education Centre watching a 15 minute, 360 degree film on the history of the UK Parliament before going on a tour of the building, finishing in Westminster Hall.

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