An incredible space at the heart of democracy

Visiting the UK Parliament Education Centre, your students enjoy a unique learning experience and get to see history being made first-hand with a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Our fun, interactive sessions are directly integrated with the UK’s four curriculums, tailored to the age and attainment of your group.

We offer the following sessions

Tour and Workshop

  • Representation and voting
    Students prepare a manifesto and put it to the vote.
  • Laws and debating
    Explore how the public, MPs, and Lords shape law.
  • Journey to democracy
    See how the UK evolved from monarchy to democracy.
  • People’s Parliament
    Experience historic events from our nation’s past.
  • Campaigning in UK Parliament
    Learn how and why people campaign for change.

Film and Tour

  • Story of Parliament
    Find out about how UK Parliament has changed over time.

Educational Tour only

  • Discover UK Parliament school tour
    Come for a free tour of the UK Parliament (not available on Thursdays).

Sixth form/Further Education (ages 16 – 18) only

  • Parliament in Focus: Question Time
    Listen to a live panel of MPs and Peers and ask them questions
  • Select Committees
    Decide if Select Committees are an effective way of scrutinising the Government 

Requests for summer term are currently closed. Any remaining dates will be advertised on our last minute bookings page, once we have allocated existing applications.