This programme starts with a tour of UK Parliament. UK Parliament is a working building and access to different parts of the Houses of Parliament, as part of your tour, will vary due to Parliamentary business.

About the Post-16 UK Parliament Experience

The experience begins with a specially tailored tour of Parliament. It focuses on the composition, role, functions, relationship and the respective powers of Government and Parliament. This may also include a visit to a Select Committee room and Public Bill Committee room to talk about their different functions and parliamentary scrutiny.

This will be followed by an interactive workshop which compliments and consolidates learning on the tour.  The aim of the day is to support students in being able to answer in-depth, exam-specific questions about the difference between Parliament and Government; the balance of power and how it can be affected. The workshop will use contemporary examples to bring Parliament to life.

This experience assumes some knowledge about the structure and function of Parliament and Government.


We welcome visits from groups with SEND, including groups from Pupil Referral Units. Please contact our team to discuss your specific requirements and adaptations you may need.

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