The workshop is designed specifically for young people taking part in National Citizen Service programmes. For a minimum of 20 attendees, this 60-minute session will support young people to identify issues that matter to them, both locally and nationally, and understand how to take action on these.

Outcomes will include:

  • ¬†Understanding the role of MPs and how to contact them.
  • Understanding how the House of Lords use their expertise to shape laws.
  • Awareness of the tools young people can use to get their voice heard, such as petitions.


If you are looking to book an NCS session outside of the summer programme, please book a Take Action workshop designed for young people.


Before you book

Dates and times

You can request multiple dates and sessions. Each form will allow you to ask for up to four sessions within one date, and you can provide the number of sessions you would like per date. Please allow a minimum of 10 minutes between workshop slots to allow changeover and a comfort break.

Our sessions are flexible and last around 60 minutes (please note we can only provide a maximum of 4 sessions per day). We require a minimum of 20 students at each session, and we can deliver to larger cohorts of up to 60 attendees.

Please note this is a request and we will check availability with the team and send a confirmation email once the booking is made and we are able to deliver the session.

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