A new sensory based digital session aimed at pre-curriculum age students between 7-25 years old. Students will use their senses to explore Parliament, find out who works there and what they do. The session is based around a poem, which will guide the students, using rhyme, repetition and actions around the building. There is also a PowerPoint as a visual aide and objects in the classroom, to bring the smells, sounds and textures of Parliament to life for your students. A pre-session activity is available to help introduce your students to Parliament, as well as the opportunity to virtually meet their presenters in advance to help prepare the class for their virtual session.


SEND sessions are offered on Tuesdays at 10am or 2pm. Sessions generally last from 30 minutes to 1 hour, with the intention of being as flexible as possible within the set timeframe.

For students working at the semi-formal or formal curriculum levels, you are welcome to book onto any one of our digital sessions that we currently offer and our team will do our best to make any adaptations required.

Alternatively, we also offer outreach sessions.

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