Connecting young people with their representation

This lively, interactive assembly introduces students to what UK Parliament is and how it works. More importantly, they’ll learn what it means for their lives as citizens.

Lasting around 30 minutes, it’s perfect either for single year groups or a full-school presentation.

Our outreach officers tailor each session to your students and their curriculum.

We can adjust your session to cater for any accessibility requirements. Let us know when you book.

What will your students learn?

Age 7-11

  • How does our democracy work?
  • How can young people get involved in the work of UK Parliament?
  • What are the roles of MPs and the House of Lords?

Age 11 – 14

  • How does UK Parliament create new laws?
  • How does UK Parliament hold the Government to account?
  • How do elections and voting work?

Ages 14 – 16

  • What does it mean to be an active citizen?

Age 16 – 18

  • How do the Commons and Lords interact?
  • How are young campaigners creating change now?
  • How do select committees work?