Petitions to UK Parliament

Petitions to UK Parliament

This Learn Live session explores petitioning as a method for creating change. We interview Kay, a member of the Petitions Committee Team in the House of Commons, who shares her insights about petitions to UK Parliament. Your students will learn how petitions to Parliament work and how to raise awareness of the issue they are campaigning or petitioning about. Learning that you can start a petition at any age, your students will also be inspired by examples of other young people who have used petitions to raise awareness and create change including; Hannah who petitioned Parliament to change the start time of the school day for secondary schools, and Lucy, who petitioned retailers directly to stop using eggs from caged hens.

Aimed at: 7-16 year old pupils

About Learn Live sessions

Learn Live is a fun, interactive way to engage pupils with the work of the UK Parliament.

It’s up to you how many pupils, classes or year groups join in. Make sure your pupils can hear the session, as they will be asked to discuss specific questions throughout. All you need is a whiteboard with a reliable internet connection.