Learn Live: Parliament and Government  

This Learn Live will focus on the relationship between UK Parliament and UK Government. The session will cover: 

  • The difference between Parliament and Government 
  • The ways Parliament scrutinises the Government 
  • The law-making process  

We will be joined by Lord Lisvane, who was Clerk of the House of Commons and is now a member of the House of Lords. As an expert in how Parliament interacts with the Government, Lord Lisvane will be answering your questions about the subject. You have the chance to submit questions when you sign up.  

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How does the event work?

Learn Live is a fun, interactive approach to engage pupils with the work of the UK Parliament. Each session is streamed on YouTube.  

Learn Live: Parliament and Government will be streamed at 11am on Thursday 19th May. You will receive the link to the session by 9am on the day, and the session will be available for catch up after the event.  

All you need to take part is a screen connected to speakers, a reliable internet connection and access to YouTube. 

Who can take part?

This Learn Live is suitable for post-16 students studying Higher Modern Studies or A-levels in Government and Politics and Law.  

It is up to you how many classes join in.  

What's in it for my students?

The content of this Learn Live is directly linked to the Government and Politics, Law and Higher Modern Studies post-16 curricula. It will act as exam revision for older students and give younger students an introduction to the subject.