This resource contains stories of influential women who have impacted UK laws and equal rights. Launched to mark Women’s History Month, this resource can be used throughout the academic year to embed the stories across the curriculum.

Illustrated by Nina Cosford.

Learn about…

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson
The first female doctor in Britain, Elizabeth pioneered higher education for women and also presented the first mass petition calling for ‘votes for women’ to Parliament in 1866.

Emily Wilding Davison
Teacher and prominent suffragette, Emily followed the motto ‘deeds not words’ in her campaign for votes for women.

Barbara Castle
As an MP and government minister for employment, Barbara worked with factory-workers and introduced a new law to ensure women were paid equally with men.

Lady Brenda Hale
Throughout an inspiring career in the legal system, and now as a Member of the House of Lords, Brenda made sure that children’s views are listened to when decisions are made about their lives.

Anne-Marie Imafidon
Mathematician Anne-Marie founded her own organisation to encourage young women to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and maths, and used her expertise to help UK Parliament to do the same.

Laura Coryton
On discovering that period products were unfairly taxed as luxury items, Laura didn’t stop campaigning until the law was changed.

Your pupils can also take part in these activities:

  • Who is your women’s history hero?
  • Changing laws


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