What your student’s will learn

This animation and supporting resources will help your students explore who makes up the House of Lords. The resource pack offers opportunities for debate around how members of the House of Lords are chosen.

Who is in the House of Lords?

Who is in the House of Lords video

Curriculum links


  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Citizenship Studies KS5 – Power and Justice
  • Politics KS5 – The structure and role of Parliament

Northern Ireland

  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy at work in the UK
  • Government and politics KS5 – The British Political Process
  • Government and politics KS5 – Comparative Government
  • Politics KS5 – The Constitution


  • Modern Studies – Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
  • Social Studies – Political decision making
  • Social Studies – People, past events and societies


  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy and Government
  • Politics KS5 – The Constitution


Contains 1 resource