This resource contains stories of influential members of the LGBT+ community who have impacted UK laws and equal rights. This resource can be used throughout the academic year to embed the stories across the curriculum.

Illustrated by Jules Scheele.

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Sir Ian McKellen
Ian was a founding member of Stonewall, a campaigning group who have fought to improve rights for LGBT people, including calling to end a ban on discussion of same-sex relationships in schools.

Lord Chris Smith
Chris used his role as an MP to support people in Rugby standing up for the employment rights of gay people at a Town Hall protest. Chris was the first openly gay man in UK Parliament.

Christine Burns, MBE
Christine realised she was transgender at a young age. Alongside a fantastic career in computer sciences, she worked alongside the transgender community and UK Parliament to create a law to improve the lives of transgender people.

Lord Waheed Alli
Becoming a member of the House of Lords aged just 34, Waheed was the youngest member and the first to be openly gay. He advocates for the rights of the gay community, including equalising the age of consent in 1999.

Baroness Elizabeth Barker
A life-long activist for people’s rights, Elizabeth played an important role in passing the Marriage Act 2013, which allowed same-sex couples to be married, sharing her personal experience as a member of the House of Lords.

Liam Hackett
As a young gay man, Liam was bullied at school. After reaching out online, he found many other young people felt the same, and set up his own youth charity.


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