What your students will learn

Introduce your students to the legislative process with this two-minute overview of how bills become laws.Then follow up with lesson activities introducing the idea that a key function of Parliament is to make and amend law and details the various different stages a bill must pass through to become law.

How laws are made video

How laws are made video

Curriculum links


  • Citizenship Studies – Democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Citizenship Studies – Rights, the law and the legal system in England
  • SMSC – British Values
  • Politics – The Government of the UK

Northern Ireland

  • Citizenship Studies – Democracy at work in the UK
  • Citizenship Studies – Law and Justice
  • Government and Politics – Democracy in Action
  • Government and politics – The British Political Process


  • Modern Studies – Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
  • Social Studies – Political decision making


  • Citizenship Studies – Democracy and Government
  • Citizenship Studies – Law and Justice
  • Politics – Democracy and Participation