Students, aged 11-14, will learn about MPs and members of the House of Lords, what they do, and why their work is important. They can find out how they can get their voices heard in Parliament and make a difference to the issues that they care about.

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Curriculum links


  • Citizenship Studies – Democracy, government and the rights and responsibilities of citizens
  • Citizenship Studies – Rights, the law and the legal system in England
  • SMSC – British Values

Northern Ireland

  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy at work in the UK
  • Government and Politics KS4 – Democracy in Action


  • Modern Studies – Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
  • Social Studies – Political decision making


  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy and Government (inc. devolved govt and the constitution)
  • Citizenship Studies KS4 – Democracy at work in the UK


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