The ‘Find out about Parliament’ series, is an introduction to the work of Parliament through activities, stories and imagery, for pupils aged 5-8.

The resources have practical ideas to get pupils thinking about why asking questions is important. Younger pupils will enjoy listening to the stories which explore each theme in a familiar context, while the poster pack provides a stimulus to extend pupils’ understanding of each concept and how it relates to Parliament.



  • Citizenship KS1/2 – Developing confidence and responsibility
  • Citizenship KS1/2 – Preparing to play an active role as citizens
  • SMSC KS1/2 – British Values

Northern Ireland

  • PDMU KS1 – Rights, Rules and Responsibilities
  • PSHE KS2 – Living in the wider world


  • Health and Wellbeing – Social wellbeing
  • Social Studies – People in society, economy and business


  • PSE KS1/2 – Active citizenship
  • PSHE KS1/2 – Living in the wider world


Contains 2 resources