Welcome to our Partnership Network!

We are excited that you have decided to partner with UK Parliament. Working together we can share our resources, knowledge, and expertise to reach common goals.

Your colleague has completed a survey telling us about your organisation and the people you work with. The information they have provided will help us to create a tailored plan that benefits your audience, connects you with like-minded organisations, and encourages participation in UK Parliament’s public engagement activities.

As an additional contact we would like some more information about you, and your permission to get in touch with news and information about opportunities to get involved with UK Parliament.

We don’t want to get in touch more than you are comfortable with so do read through our privacy statement, answer the following survey, and get back to me if you have any questions.

  • We would like to collect your name, email address, postal address, and phone number. We will use this information to keep in touch via email, newsletter, or phone about opportunities to engage with UK Parliament.

    Our lawful basis for processing your personal data is consent. Your data will be held for one year after which your date will be deleted.

    For more information on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Notice.

  • Contacting you

  • (we will only call you if we cannot reach you via email)
  • Meetings and events

    We would like to invite you to regular themed Network catch up meetings. This is an opportunity to hear the latest from UK Parliament, share your news, and develop ideas with other organisations in the UK Parliament Partnership Network.
  • Communicating with you

    You can read the latest news, share your stories, and read about opportunities for you and your organisation to get involved with UK Parliament in the Partnership Network Roundup email newsletter.
  • The Participation Team at UK Parliament delivers educational programmes, public engagement and visitor services on behalf of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. As such we are strictly impartial. It is imperative that any organisation we partner with in the delivery of our services is also impartial.

    The name and identity of the UK Parliament cannot be associated with any organisation, campaign, subject matter, product or content that endorses a political viewpoint, either directly or by implication. Please therefore refrain from any activity that is – or could be interpreted as – showing political bias.