Children are shown sitting in a classroom looking at a 360 image of the the House of Commons chamber

Tours and workshops

Book online sessions from the UK Parliament Education Centre for school, college, home education and SEND groups.

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A group of adults are sitting at trestle tables with notebooks and pens out in front of them, having an animated conversation.

Community workshops

Free online events and training for community groups and organisations of all ages, to help you get your voice heard.

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Join one of our award-winning digital events including Learn Live and Learn with the Lords.

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How we got here

How we got here, the UK Parliament podcast about how people turn big ideas into laws that shape a society.

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360 Tour

Take a tour of the Chambers at UK Parliament, with immersive audio and interactive features.

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Adult learning

Take part in this online talk hosted by UK Parliament to learn more about what UK Parliament is and does.

How the UK Parliament works